RVYSA has established a Lightning Policy. The information provided applies to all matches, practices, and other outside activities sponsored by RVYSA.

Lightning Policy

When someone at the site sees lightning or hears thunder, all activities are suspended. Match play and/or training will not resume until 30 minutes after the last lightning sighting or thunder.

During match play, the referee must temporarily halt play and will not restart play until the 30 minute rule has concluded. The referee may abandon the match.

When play is suspended for lightning or thunder, everyone must seek cover inside vehicles at the field. Under NO CIRMSTANCES should anyone seek shelter under a tree!!!

When a match is suspended before half-time, the match will be rescheduled. Should the match be suspended after half-time the match will be considered complete and the score at the time of stoppage will stand.

Please read and become familiar with “Lightning Safety Outdoors” information provided by the US Youth Soccer Association.