RVYSA is committed to preventing the potentially dangerous and sometimes deadly effects of playing in hot or humid conditions. Coaches and parents are strongly encouraged to read and become familiar with “Youth Soccer Heat & Hydration Guidelines” provided by U.S Soccer Federation.

Please visit: http://www.usyouthsoccer.org/asets/1/15/Heat_Hydration_GuidanceUSSF.pdf

Players should always have water to drink at practice and during matches. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure water is available for their children. During match play, H2O should be on the team side of the field. Coaches are responsible for allowing players water-breaks as often as necessary depending on the weather conditions.

Should a player experience heat related issues, appropriate 1st Aid procedures should be administered to include placing the player in the shade, apply cold/wet towels, force fluids and most of all, ensure that players is under adult supervision. Do not hesitate to call in EMT/911 when necessary.