The Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] has developed the “Heads Up“ Initiative providing important information on preventing, recognizing and responding to a Concussion.

RVYSA is requesting its membership, including coaches, administrators, parents and players become aware of and familiar with the dangers of concussions. The membership must work as a ‘team’ to minimize the occurrences and effects of head trauma. Strongly suggest the membership read and become familiar with the “Heads Up” information provided in the attached links.

To this end, RVYSA has also established a NO-HEADING Policy for players 10 years and younger. The policy also limits heading in practice for players 11 to 14 years of age.

FIFA, our international body, has established the “LAWS OF THE GAME”. US Youth Soccer has established rules for ‘Small-Sided Games’ all aimed to provide a SAFE Environment for our players.

As in any active sport and playground activity, accidents do happen. When a concussed issue occurs, the ‘team’ should work together to minimize the issue.

Please read and become familiar with the attached policy pertaining to concussions.