age gp on Field on Roster Durations Times Breaks Size Keepers Referees
U4/U5 4v4 8 Quarters 8 Min 5 3 No No
U6/U7 5v5 10 Quarters 10 Min 5 3 No yes
U8/U9 7v7 12 Halves 25 Min 10 4 Yes yes
U10 & Up 8v8 14 Halves 30 Min 10 5 Yes yes

1] All players must play 1/2 of each match."NO-HEADING !"  "NO-SLIDING TACKLES FOR U9 and BELOW !!"

2] U8/U9:   Because of the # of roster players, matches may be played 8v8 if each coach agrees.

3] Should one team be short players, the opposing team must play with like numbers.

4] Any player or coach ejected from a match must sit out the remainder of that match plus the next scheduled match.       An ejected coach must leave the area - determined by the refeee     An ejected player must remain on the spectator side of the field under the supervision of an adult.

5] Scores are kept for the three oldest groups.  W/L record will be used to seed teams in the post-season tournanment.

6] End of Year Tournament.  All teams will participate in the single elimination event.


1]  When a referee stops a match for lightning/thunder, everyone must leave the field @ seek safetyinside automobiles or permanent structures. At the referees discression, the game can resume after aminimum of 30 minutes after the last bolt or thunder clap     Should the game be suspended, the game will be replayed from the start if stoppage was in thefirst-half.  Should stopage occur after the end of the first hald, the game will not be replayedand the score at half will stand.

2]   A match will not start should a team not have enough players to field the minimum.  A 15 minute grace period will be given before a forfeit is awarded.  The match will not be replayedThe forfeit score is [3-0].A NOTE TO PARENTS & COACHES:Players must be allowed to try new things on the field [and fail] then be  comfortableenough to try 'it' again.  Parents & coaches must respect the player's right to learn while they play.Children want to please their parents.  If the players always hear his/her name, they will try to please, not try new things, and not grow as a player.POST SEASON:League Tournament played in the three oldest Age Brackets.  Single elimination format. Matches ending in ties:  Two 5-minute sudden death halves.  Still tied:  FIFA Penalty Kicks.Awards presented for 1st and 2nd in each age group.