age gp on field on roster Durations Times Breaks Size Keepers Referees
U4/U5 4v4 8 Quarters 8 Min 5 3 No No
U6/U7 5v5 10 Quarters 10 Min 5 3 No yes
U8/U9 7v7 12 Halves 25 Min 10 4 Yes yes
U10 & Up 8v8 14 Halves 30 Min 10 5 Yes yes

1] All players must play 1/2 of each match. NO HEADING !" NO SLIDING-TACKLES for U9 and BELOW !!

2] U8/U9: Because of the # of roster players, matches may be played 8v8 if each coach agrees.

3] Should one team be short players, the opposing team must play with like numbers.

4] Any player or coach ejected from a match must sit out the remainder of that match plus the next scheduled match. An ejected coach must leave the area - determined by the refeee An ejected player must remain on the spectator side of the field under the supervision of an adult.

5] The fall season is a develemental league. Scores are NOT used to define standings.

PARENTS & COACHES: Players must be allowed to try new things on the field [and fail] then be comfortableenough to try 'it' again. Parents & coaches must respect the player's right to learn while they play.Children want to please their parents. If the players always hear his/her name, they will try to please, not try new things, and not grow as a player.